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  1. I love TMSM and have been a follower since the FB page and website started, it’s growth has been amazing.. It is one of the few fan sites that will only report fact, and does it’s best to ensure drama doesn’t break out in the response sections, which with over 120k followers is an impressive feat. The other thing I love about them is they won’t report rumors just to get hits or shares. <3 them.

  2. The Main Street Mouse is the best Disney fan site around. The amazing people who run the site are fun, informative, friendly and even magical. I read the blogs every time a new one is posted and the forums are a great way to find out more information about Disney!!! Not to mention the trivia games are soooooo fun!! I highly recommend The Main Street Mouse to any Disney or non Disney fan!! Great website!! ºoº

  3. Love The Main Street Mouse, this site keeps me informed of all things Disney

  4. Best Disney Site around by far!!
    5 stars!!!!!

  5. I’ve been following The Main Street Mouse since it was in it’s infancy. This is truly a family website; they keep it friendly, they keep it clean and they keep it up to date with accurate information. It’s a fun website to hang out at. You can tell that the owner of this website puts her heart and soul into it. She truly loves Disney like the rest of her followers.

  6. LOVE Main Street Mouse!! Great information on all things Disney!!

  7. I love The Main Street Mouse. It gives me great updates on everything Disney.

  8. ❤️The MSM!!!

  9. The Main Street Mouse (TMSM) is an entertaining and informative community Disney Fan Site. I can always count on TMSM to brighten my day. Oh, and during periods of not being at WDW, I visit TMSM, as well as . Both make the distance shrink away.

  10. Great site! Always friendly and fun…

  11. The Main Street Mouse is one of the best Disney sites out there. They offer a well rounded variety of Disney related items. Great site for all Disney fans!!

  12. Love The Main Street Mouse!! I have been following since my trip to Disney earlier in the year–it helped me with my trip and now it keeps me up to date on everything Disney! It posts fun stuff, informative stuff and upcoming need-to-know stuff–it doesn’t publish unfounded rumors and is well moderated.

  13. The Main Street Mouse is one the best pages and websites to visit if you want to stay up to date on current Disney Parks and Resorts information and upcoming events and projects. Their social media pages also share a ton of awesome Disney memes and pictures produced by Disney fans from all over the place. – Two thumbs up from me!

  14. The Main Street Mouse is a great source for all things Disney. They update their Facebook page several times a day and they always have the latest and newest updates on the Disney Parks.

  15. Loveeeeeeeeeeeee the Main Street Mouse!!!! Love the pic’s they send me…especially when I am having a bad day!!!! It keeps me up to date too!!!

  16. Love the Main Street Mouse!

  17. I love Main Street mouse! Great spot for information and a great community!! I am so glad to be a part of mainstreet mouse!

  18. LOVE LOVE LOVE TMSM!!! Cannot get enough!!!

  19. hi there mouse fans!! i have been hanging out w/ TMSM for many years now!! they are a sight w/ tons of fun & info that is so disney related, you really don’t have to go anywhere else to get you questions answered!

  20. There are two non Disney sites that I like to go for insider information and TMSM is one of them. I love the old photos and back story’s thy have to share about my favorite place in the world. The only thing I don’t get is “Jar of Dirt Friday. ” I know it’s an inside thing and that is all good with me because it from one of my favorite movies. I would of rather gone with why is the rum always gone, but I guess this is a family site. Lol

  21. Enjoy the Main Street Mouse

  22. The Main Street Mouse is an awesome site and I really enjoy their posts! Lots of fun!

  23. My family loves this page. The pictures and stories keep them excited for our next trip to Disney.

  24. Great great site with super information.

  25. I love TMSM for everything Disney and especially now that they’ve added a section just on Disneyland.

  26. Disney is the best. It keeps the kid in all of us.

  27. Love TMSM. Positive sharing people!

  28. I love TMSM & I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t. If they don’t absolutely love it, they should just keep their comments to themselves. There are plenty of people who look forward to everything that “it” has posted on “it.” Love all things Disney!!!

  29. Fantastic Source for any and everything Disney, aside from the official Walt Disney World and Disneyland pages! Love it. & This is coming from a current cast member at Walt Disney World! Keep sprinkling your pixie dust TMSM! :-)

  30. It has the best pictures, and fun shares. A lot of good people sharing their love of Disney, and their knowledge of Disney. The site brightens up my day.

  31. I’ve been a member of The Main Street Mouse for, oh I think about a year now! They are an awesome website and facebook site. They give us information of parks, what’s going on with Disney and plus they have things like trivia! Love the photo’s they share from other members! So glad I found them!!

  32. I love the main street of my first fb Disney groups.there’s so much info they share, stories, and just good stuff!! Great job!!°o°

  33. Love Love Love this website. They have great information on all things Disney.

  34. The Main Street Mouse is one of my favorite sources of information for all things Disney. It’s a fun place and full of insight and helpful tips!

  35. Best fan site ever! Love TMSM!!

  36. I think that TMSM is awesome. I always look forward to see what they are posting of FB to keep me up dated on my beloved WDW! This site makes my day posting photos of characters and the castle. My favorite is what they post quotes and fan photos. LOVE you TMSM!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Love the Main Street Mouse!

  38. TMSM is a fantastic Disney site. Their posts and pics help me to not be quite so homesick form Disney World. I love all their blog articles that keep me up-to-date on the latest Disney news. And they encourage fans to respond back. This is a must site for anyone who loves Disney.

  39. we love The Main Street Mouse great info and the go to site for everything Disney.

  40. TMSM is one of the best IF NOT THE BEST Disney site going!!! Every day is something new and different!! I start every morning with TMSM! It’s where I keep updated on my home away from home!!!

  41. Great web site. Love visiting them and seeing all the fantastic pictures that they post.

  42. just recently found TMSM and absolutely love it, love it, love it.
    I am a Disney fan and not ashamed to admit it. The info given by TSMS is more than helpful when I plan
    my day at WDW

  43. I am new to The Main Street Mouse, but am loving what I am reading. So happy to have found it.~DJ

  44. I l❤VE this Facebook page / website. I get accurate information and find it entertaining as well. Thanks!

  45. I look forward everyday to see what TMSM is going to post next! I especially love the wonderful pictures…it helps me get my “DISNY FIX” until we can return! THANKS TMSM!

  46. Love TMSM, any question you have about DISNEY they get back to you ASAP. If they are not sure they find someone that knows.

  47. Love TMSM! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!!!

  48. One of the best sites! Excellent!

  49. I’m kind of new to the Main Street Mouse, but I love it and Disney. I am Mickey Mouse obsessed and enjoy seeing Mickey pictures, Disney Parks, and other fans info and pics. Keep up the great work!!!

  50. Great site, lots of information, family friendly and fun!

  51. I look forward to reading everything you have on every day. It couldn’t get any better. Thanks for all the enjoyable reading and pictures. I will stay a big fan!

  52. Love this site….so much thought, care, love and magic are evident. Great job!!!! Love!

  53. I love the main street mouse, my favorite memories with my kids were made in Disney, and everytime I see a post from the main street mouse it brings them back!!!!

  54. Planning a family vacation to Disney any little help helps in major ways.

  55. Not NICE people…rude!!

  56. TMSM is a great website for all things Disney!

  57. Awesome site to stay updated on all things Disney! Also a phenomenal community where everyone is as nice as can be and continually share our love of Disney!

  58. The is the best Disney site ever!

  59. The Main Street Mouse is the Disney site that all others try (and fail) to emulate. There is always something new happening and is the best place to learn about all things Disney…..I highly recommend TMSM to all Disney lovers!

  60. Love, love. love TMSM!! Very informative, friendly, and so welcoming!! Anything you need to know about Disney, they have the answers. Best site out there, hands (or should I say “gloves”) down!! Admins are so interactive, which just adds to the magic!

  61. Love TMSM!!! The Admins do an excellent job. They do not report rumors, only facts for all of us true WDW fans. This site is the best for all of us who have a true passion for all things Disney. We can get a little bit of Disney magic everyday by enjoying comments from everybody associated with this wonderful site.

  62. Love TMSM!!! Always has the best information, friendly and so knowledgeable about all things Disney

  63. I love the main street mouse. Especially the various top ten lists.

  64. Love this site and blog

  65. I have been a fan ever sicne my brother turned me on to the site. Michelle, the admin, and the other members of her team are the best of any group on Facebook. The site is so chock-full of stuff that can make anyone’s day more magical. From the top ten lists that they publish to tips and tricks for the Disney goer in all of us. These people are the finest group of individuals and they are truly dedicated to their end goal. What is that you ask? To make everyone’s day more magical, regardless if you’re a Disney fan or not.

  66. I love the Main Street Mouse! The admins and participants are so helpful and friendly. It is a very nice place to hang out and talk Disney!

  67. Great group! Fun to ask questions and get answers immediately from same type Disney fanatics! Always so friendly, and knowledgeable!! The administrators and members are fun folks to share Disney with!!! My first choice for Disney news!

  68. I love TMSM because it has lots of updates every day, feeding my Disney love constantly. The updates are always relevant, interesting and fun too! :)


  70. The Main Street Mouse is friendly and has great information. I LOVE being able to open their page every morning WHY, because a smile is always waiting for me there. The people on the page are always happy to answer your questions (especially important to those of us who haven’t been to WDW yet). Great website, great pics, great everything!! I love TMSM!!

  71. The Main Street Mouse is a wonderful website! The people are so friendly and helpful, and everyone appreciates the Disney in all of us!! I love seeing all the different photos from Disney, surprise videos, foods to try, souvenirs purchased, and so much more!! The advice is priceless and so helpful! This is a great place for lovers of all things Disney!!

  72. Vicki Tallarigo

    I love the Main Street Mouse website. So helpful, positive and full of excellent info. Best place to visit for the best of the best Disney news and info.

  73. Theresa Rosenberg

    The Main Street Mouse is the best source of information about WDW. The members are friendly and helpful and help me learn more about my favorite place. They also just make me smile. Keep up the good work! They are the best.

  74. I just joined this group a few months ago. Very informative and the info I get is Factua. It is a great place to interact with fellow Disney FFanatics. The Admin Michele is great as are the Mods. I follow this site more than any other. Sorry guys (other sites) but I have found my HO M E.

  75. I just want to say how much I love the TMSM. It is a very fast growing group of fun-loving, DISNEY-loving people. I like the fact that they don’t mind a million questions (Ok, well 1/2 mill) from ppl that are not Disney savvy YET! Their information is accurate and they have great and easy to maneuver tabs on the site. They are constantly monitoring the site for compliance to keep it a fun and wonderful place to visit and chat with others that love Disney. I can’t say enough good about the site. TMSM ROCKS THEIR DISNEY SIDE! (AND LET’S US ROCK OURS TOO!)

  76. I love TMSM because of the positive atmosphere and community spirit. It’s natural that mbers will disagree on things occasionally, but there is no animosity. We don’t hold grudges. We agree to disagree and move on. Then there’s the “no rumors” part. I like that they wait until stuff is confirmed before reporting it. But most of all, I like how helpful members are to everyone!

  77. I really love this site because I know the information has been well vetted before it is posted. The site administration are the best, they stay on top of their site and what is being posted. I have found out about so much magic that is happening in the disney universe! Thank you Michele and Autumn! Makes my day to check in with TMSM and the fan nation!

  78. More info and friendly people than any other site I belong to! Love TMSM!

  79. I love TMSM. It is one of the few fan sites that only reports fact, not rumor, and does it’s best to ensure drama doesn’t break out. The other thing I love about them is they won’t report rumors just to get hits or shares

  80. The Main Street Mouse is my one and only stop for Disney information and awesome people who enjoy Disney as much as I do!

  81. Love The Main Street Mouse !!!!!!! Been a fan since the beginning ! Keep up the great work !

  82. Camela Campbell

    I love TMSM because I get solid info, no drama, and my Disney fix in one place!

  83. I can’t give enough praise to The Main Sreet Mouse page. They are great!

  84. Since coming across this site it has been very helpful to me, helps me find the best places to eat, things to do and see, and much more than that it has helped me understand the new Disney fast pass bands.
    The Main Street Mouse is my one and only stop for Disney information and awesome people who enjoy Disney as much as I do!

  85. I love TMSM! I’ve been following them on Facebook for about a month. It’s a reliable source for Disney info and updates. There’s a sense of family among it’s followers.

  86. Awesome site. So much info!!! We are long time fans!!

  87. A great place for information and some fun articles in history and behind the scenes secrets

  88. TMSM is a pre joy to go to every day. They keep things fun and interesting. A very friendly site full of really good information.

  89. Love, love, love this site. My Disney fix when I’m not in the World!

  90. The Main Street Mouse, it’s the next best thing to being at Disney. Most of us consider TMSM to be family. And we definitely support, defend, and inform one another. Our mods run a great site, while the rest of us get to enjoy all the Disney fun =D

  91. francesca nield

    love TMSM the info you get is awesome,

  92. This website and facebook pages is brilliant! They keep you informed, very family friendly, Michelle and the rest of the team do an amazing job! … Its so lovely that we’ve all got disney friends from all around the world that all help eachother, and theres no rumors all just fact! :)

  93. TMSM is the one place I can go and always ask questions about Disney and never feel like it’s a dump one. I always feel welcome and everyone goes out of their way to help you. They are respond quickly and are happy to help. It’s like one big Family.

  94. Best informative Disney website out there. The moderators are right on top of things 24/7. Friendliest group of members I have seen on a website in a long long time!

  95. This is not just a website …. It’s like a family !!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT !!!! It’s full of so much information and LOVE OF DISNEY !!!!! I am so HAPPY TO BE A PART OF THIS THE MAIN STREET MOUSE FAMILY !!! THANK YOU TO ALL THE main ppl who keep this website going smoothly AUTUMN MICHELE MICHEAL etc ….. You are the best !!!!! I appolgize if I forgot anyone !!! THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING EVERYDAY FULL OF MAGIC AND MY FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH !!! ❤️

  96. I love TMSM!!! It is more than just a website with DIsney information, it is a community of people who share experiences and give tips that enhance a WDW vacation

  97. Tmsm is a fun website to browse around. Really like it.

  98. I absolutely love TMSM! They are awesome people who only report factual information. The admin and mods are so friendly and helpful and are quick to act when someone is not following the rules of the site. It is a drama free place, which I love!! I enjoy reading the blogs daily and learning more about Disney from others who love it as much as I do.

  99. Great website! Friendly folks always ready with up to date answers about anything Disney! A Disney ‘family’ online! We love TMSM!!!

  100. Is my fav Disney site! Very friendly folks who share my obsession of all things Disney. Used to be member of another one but this is preferred page! Great sharing of info and support.

  101. This site is by far the best Disney site I have ever been seen. They admins do a great job! The members are so nice and will to help and answer questions! The don’t allow rumors and will delete post before most of us even get a chance to read ugly message! I love it!

  102. I love TMSM, this group reports only the facts. They does not allow bullying of others when someone comments are different then your comment. Super friendly and helpful. When you post about your trip, photos of your trip or maybe have questions about upcoming trip-everyone answers or comments like a family. A lot of supporqt

  103. I’m so glad I found The Main Street Mouse! It is fun and very informative.

  104. The Main Street Mouse is the best Disney site out there. Good information, no rumors and super people who run the site.

  105. The Main Street Mouse has the latest and greatest news on Disney.

  106. I Love visiting TMSM everyday. It carriers some of that Disney Magic feeling. Everyone loves sharing experiences, tips, new information, advice, photography, etc. I also love meeting other Disney Addicts. This is by far the Best Disney Fan Site Ever!!!

  107. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE TMSM!! Great, information, but so much more. This is a family and one of the most positive, friendly sites I’ve ever found. All around wonderful!!

  108. The main street mouse has awesome information. It’s my go to place for up to date accurate info.

  109. Love the info and pics. Wonderful folks too!!

  110. Love this site! Great source for accurate Disney information!!

  111. Great site! Always nice to see pictures of people having fun at Disney. Great discussions and Information is shared.

  112. Best Disney site. Kind people, no rumors, no drama, just Disney love. :)

  113. Love TMSM! Always informative, fun and very well administered. Keeps me up to date on all the news from my favorite place!

  114. I love The Main Street Mouse! So many people don’t understand our Disney attraction so it is great to have a site where others get it! And I have learned a lot I didn’t know so that is awesome! Keep up the great work! :-)

  115. TMSM is like a great big family. Everyone is welcome and you always feel like you’re a part of something special.

  116. Love, love, love it!! So much good information! So much fun!

  117. TMSM is awesome!! Super friendly, awesome articles and tips!!

  118. Love the page so many cool Disney loving people.

  119. TMSM is like a home away from home!

  120. Absolutely love TMSM!!!!

  121. BEST Disney website out there!

  122. I just can not get enough of TMSM, IT keeps me informed of everything going on at the parks on both coasts and the interaction with the guests on TMSM IS GREAT.

  123. Love TMSM! The mods are fantastic and the group is great.

  124. This is an awesome site!!!


  126. Love The Main Street Mouse, great people, great community, informative (by facts, NO rumors), family friendly!

  127. TMSM is the best place to go to get the latest Disney news!! I love TMSM :-)

  128. I love TMSM, it has the best fans and a great place to go when you need advice on anything Disney

  129. I LOVE TMSM. I started following the main site in the winter of 2013. They have great articles. I love the fact that they only share facts and not rumors. It makes it easy to know what is true and what is not. I became a member of their fan nation on Facebook as soon as they created it. It’s so great to talk to other Disney fans! The admins are wonderful! They are so helpful and nice! Their website is amazing! I love it so much! A great go to when you’re needing Disney advice, tips, or the new scoop.

  130. Big fan of TMSM…awesome in every way!

  131. Love TMSM! Very informative,and supportive of all it’s members.

  132. Love TMSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. TMSM is second to none……honest, bright, cheery, informative and fun!

  134. I love this site!!

  135. the best place to find out anything disney that you can’t find anywhere else –

  136. Love TMSM!! Lots of great information!!! First place I go with any questions!!

  137. So grateful to Michele for starting TMSM and creating a Disney family online! It’s a wonderful place to share thoughts, gain ideas, and get answers to park related questions. The site helps everyone share in a little Disney magic every day, whether in Disney at the moment or thousands of miles away!

  138. I love TMSM! My best friend and I took our first trip to Disney in March 2014 and TMSM was a huge part of helping us map out our trip and plans. It’s a great place to share ideas, ask questions and get helpful answers to all Disney and park related questions. TMSM is a rare gem on the internet as they only report facts and work hard to keep their pages rumor- and drama-free! :)

  139. Our “The Main Street Mouse” (TMSM), is the best Disney site. And that’s what we want! =D

  140. Thank you TMSM for making me feel “connected” to Disney and others who also have a passion for THE Mouse!

  141. TMSM is the best Disney site for me =D

  142. I love this great site!

  143. Melissa Nogueira

    This site is AWESOME, I love being able to chat with Disney addicts like me.
    I love reading different ideas and thoughts that people post.
    TMSM always puts great blogs.
    If you truly love Disney and want to get your Disney fix you have be here with all theses great Disney Fans.

  144. I love The Main Street Mouse! Always giving you all the facts and don’t put out rumors. They are an awesome group who truly care about all of their fans! Great blogs and great people!

  145. Lots of info & updates. Always accurate information.

  146. It’s so fun to read everyone’s stories!

  147. Heather Dawson

    Hop on the TMSM band wagon, it’s a blast =D

  148. TMSM is without a doubt the best Disney related site out there!

  149. I love TMSM! They help keep the Disney magic alive!

  150. Michele and crew run a top notch Disney devoted website. I have been a faithful follower since almost the beginning and I recommend many to this site. The information is up to date, accurate and has wonderful forums both on the website and on facebook for people to share eveyrthing and anything. Their team of mods is also a hard working bunch and really do their best to keep unwanted or unsolicited nonsense off the pages to make their website truly a Magical Place. Keep up the good work!

  151. love TMSM! lots of fantastic relevant and up to date information

  152. I love this site read it all the time :)

  153. Love the site and the people

  154. Janet - Super Fan # 1

    I LOVE The Main Street Mouse ! Michelle and her crew really do an AWESOME job. They promote only TRUE facts about Disney and keep us all informed on any upcoming changes. The Facebook chat page for TMSM Fan Nation, is truly amazing !!! I am so happy that I have found this site…. I look forward to seeing all the posts… makes an ordinary day become *MAGICAL* !

  155. Best Disney website.! It’s fun and helpful for all things disney. love it!

  156. what a great place to find answers to your questions or just tips about packing for Disney. Also great if you can’t go to Disney the postings make you feel like you were there. Amazing people on this site.

  157. Jessica Pardee

    I love TMSM it is the best site for all things Disney!

  158. I love TMSM it’s so family friendly and such an informative web site !!!!

  159. TMSM is like my own piece of Disney everyday. Being from Australia it keeps me excited about our next adventure and I love reading all of the updates, especially on important occasions like 4th of July which I’ve never had the chance to experience.

  160. The Main Street Mouse makes me smile every day. They make you feel like your in a great big loving family. Keep up the great work

  161. My all time fav and go to site! My Disney family and link to my home away from home!

  162. Best disney site ever admin super fab & helpful x

  163. My daughter and I love TMSM! So informative and super friendly and a great place to share all things Disney!

  164. The Main Street Mouse is def. the best fansite there is. It is friendly and full of facts without rumours.

  165. TMSM is truly and honestly the only site of it’s kind that I completely trust.

  166. TMST is the best!! I love the website and have sent everyone I know who are Disney fans to see it because I know it is a true disney focused site.

  167. The Main Street Mouse is the best fan based Disney site on the web, simple as that. The people who run the site are awesome, the content is great, and they haven’t and won’t stoop to the level of some of the other sites and report rumors and heresay. All of their information on the site is as true as Disney reports it. They also have great articles that are written by the fans as well as activities that you can do. Personally, I don’t go to any other site to get news on Disney. This is a top notch site. In my opinion, 5 stars is too low a rating for them, but since you can only give a maximum of 5, it’ll have to work.

  168. The Best Site!

  169. Love TMSM!!


  171. I am so glad I stumbled upon The Main Street Mouse site!! I am a huge Disney Fan, and I love reading about all the inside tips, upcoming events, Disney adventures, etc. It’s a friendly, MAGICAL site to visit every day!! I look forward to checking the site each morning!

  172. This is the best fan based Disney site anywhere. The people who run the site are extremely dedicated to making it the best experience that they can.

  173. I love being a proud member of TMSM and seeing other Main Streeters at the parks. Great group of people, accurate information (what a concept!) and interesting blog posts. Definitely the best of the best!

  174. Proud member of TMSM all the way from the auK :)

  175. Oops from the UK^^

  176. So much fun!!!

  177. Love the Main Street Mouse. Always been a Disney fanatic. but, recently found the site. I don’t feel alone anymore.

  178. The best. Minus the drama.

  179. Sabrina Lacy said

    Love being a member of TMSM we are one big Happy Disney family.

  180. TMSM=Ohana!!!

  181. TMSM, bringing the magic =D

  182. I’m so glad my husband told me about this site. It has been very interesting and informative at the same time. After all who doesn’t love to talk about Disney.

  183. I started following TMSM when there were just a few of us in there :) It’s definitely the best for all things Disney! The gals that run the site are top-notch and work very hard to keep things running smoothly!

  184. TMSM is so informative! I look forward to all of the posts!

  185. Can’t say enough good about tmsm! Always good information and a whole lot of fun!

  186. this is a great site as well as an amazing group of people

  187. I love TMSM!! I go to them first for any Disney information I need. Everyone is wonderful and helpful!! Love it!

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